Tips For Summer Love- Create Your Own Holiday!

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Why wait for your birthday to celebrate? Everyone has Valentine’s Day and New Year’s memories. Celebrate your love by having secret holidays that just the two of you know about this summer. Keep a list of the first time you kissed or he said “I love you”. Where were you? What songs were playing? What foods were you eating? Keeping love fresh and exciting is easy when you have fun together! Sharing silly secrets like your own holiday will keep things fun and will surely keep you both feeling playful. Email him a reminder that today is the anniversary of our first date. Go back to the restaurant or go for a drive somewhere beautiful singing to your favorite songs. Take the time to be creative and to feel present in the moment by indulging all of the senses on your holiday. Falling in love alters your brain chemistry and even the most frustrating tasks suddenly seem a little more manageable. Although this natural “high” is temporary, this is often when couples are willing to step outside of their respective comfort zones and often report feeling the most alive. Keep the feeling of falling in love alive as long as you can. Love lasts when you both remember to keep having fun together and appreciating the little things in life!

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